Well done Victoria!

Congratulations to Victoria Hogan Keogh who was awarded the prestigious Spirit of Sport Award from the Mornington League. This award recognizes fairness, sportsmanship and team work. Well done!

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Psychology Students say no to Palm Oil

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The Year 11 VCE Psychology class went to Melbourne Zoo to analyse the community conservation campaign, ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’ through consideration of contemporary research and prior understanding of group behavior, in order to examine the campaign and its effectiveness. Palm oil production is the single biggest threat to orangutan survival.

These campaigns are informed by theories of Social Psychology, incorporating Community Based Social Marketing (Dr Doug Mackenzie Mohr) and the tri-component model of attitudes using the Connect, Understand and Act model.

Students were surprised to find the palm oil is contained in so many products such as Magnum ice creams, Cheezels and even M&Ms! You may be unknowingly contributing to the destruction of orangutan habitat as currently it is not compulsory to label palm oil in Australia. Often food manufactures include palm oil in their products but are allowed to label it as vegetable oil.

Please click on the link below to join the growing list of Australian’s who support palm oil labelling.








Debutant Ball 2016!


Year 10 Leadership Camp

On the 19th of June, Skye De Jarlais, Riley Ellis, Kieara Young, Corey Vannistelrooy and Charles Pallesco from Year 10 were chosen to attend Portsea camp along with other schools.

During the camp they had a great experience making new friends and learning new leadership skills. They were given the opportunity to participate in fun activities including the giant swing, ropes courses and small team building exercises.

The Shed 11youth leaders taught them ways to be a better leader and different ways to lead.

The students would like to thank the Bendigo Bank for funding this camp, the Mornington Peninsula Youth Services for running this camp and Western Port Secondary College Wellbeing Team for partnering with these two organisations to give them the opportunity of an amazing experience.

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Japanese Homestay 2016

Fare well to our new friends!

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Sayonara so Soon

Every year in August Thuy Ta and Adrian Allen organize the Japanese  homestay program at the College. For one week the visitors stay with our families, they experience Australian life and customs by joining in on everyday family activities like footy practice, bike riding, cooking and are treated to fun things like the movies, zoo and shopping. During this time international friendships are formed, email pals made and Skype mates created. Friendships that will last a lifetime.

Thank you to the families that took part in this invaluable program.


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Man of Steel Success!

The cast, crew and band truly outdid themselves with each performance getting better and better. A  production of this calibre doesn’t happen without staff and students who are willing to make the commitment of the enormous amount of time, effort and energy that it takes to pull it together. Almost 1000 people viewed the musical over its three shows.  Well done to all involved.

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July Whole School Assembly

Tuesday’s  whole school assembly was jam packed, we heard reports from students who attended the Portsea Camp(Skye De Jarlis, Riley Ellis, Kieara Young, Charles Pallesco and Corey Vannistelrooy), YMCA Teenage Girls Retreat(Beth Byrnes, Stephanie Dodkins and Rhianna Hicklin) and the Magic Moments Youth Leadership Camp in Sydney(Jess Henrick and Hayley Rowley). Zoe Mitchell, Kaila Paarlberg and Scott Harvey announced the recipients of medals from the Southern Region Cross Country. Harry Hainsworth, Tj Goodwin, Cody Bowman and Josephine Rich spoke about the Year 8 Entrepreneurs Project. Ms Smith handed out Environmental Awards and lastly we were all treated to a preview of the College musical Man of Steel!

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S.B. Norton Drops By

Local author S.B. Norton dropped by the College to talk with the Year 8 and 9 students about his recent series The Otherwordly Operatives. Scott spoke to the students about becoming a published author, many students were surprised at just how much time and effort goes into a book. Scott read he first chapter of Flames from the North to a captivated audience. You can find him on Instagram(#S.B. Norton) and purchase his novels from the Teachers Resource Bookshop in Hastings.

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Hands On Learning Billie Cart Race

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Melbourne FC Drop In

Western Port Year 9 and 10 students were lucky enough to have Tom and Oscar McDonald from the Melbourne Football Club, come and talk to them about their background and pathway through their football career. With our students about to start their subject selections for 2017, this was a great opportunity to hear from the players about the importance of focusing on their educational pathway, it was interesting to learn that the top four teams of 2015 were the top teams in encouraging and supporting players in carrying out some form of further education.

The McDonald boys are currently both completing tertiary courses to prepare themselves for life after football. The students also got an insight into what a football career is really like, and what their daily routine involves.

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E Week Celebrations

Students attended a presentation at the Briars to receive certificates of appreciation for their support given during Environment Education Week. The students were praised for their initiative and leadership skills. Thirty Year 8 students assisted presenters, while Environment Leaders presented “Hands In the Dirt” activity over 4 days.

e week celebations

Interschool Cross Country 2016







District Athletics

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Project 9 Explore Point Nepean


The Year 9’s visited Point Nepean and explored the history of this picturesque place. We looked at the significance and development of Point Nepean, from being a sacred place for Indigenous Australians, to early European settlement a quarantine station then military base and finally a National park. Our walk helped us to appreciate this unique place on the Mornington Peninsula.


House Athletics 2016

Swimming Carnival – At The Movies!

International Woman’s Day

Women are an inspiration, an empowerment, a strength, they’re leaders, they’re successful and most importantly, women are worthy. International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Every day I embrace the power of femininity but March 2nd was a day that myself got to understand, celebrate and reflect on what true strength and achievement was. You don’t need to make high incomes of money or possess expensive materials but only to get up in the morning and take on the world, as an individual, a power, a woman. This is exactly what the International Women’s Day breakfast evoked in me, it evoked that to empower women is to make sure they view themselves as deserving of the best and nothing less, to lead women to realize their capabilities and as women, build each other up. Kristy Kendall and Moira Kelly both awakened our souls with their words of their successes and most importantly, their not so successful moments. These moments showed that, yes we do have bad days and have things happen to us that we cannot control but it’s how we pick ourselves up with the self-worth we deserve and the strength we possess. “A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her” – Happy International Women’s Day to all women and a reminder to us, that we are of value and worth.

Bridgette Kupsch

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Out Door Ed Students at Point Nepean

The VCE Unit Three Outdoor & Environmental Studies students are currently examining the first non-Indigenous settlers relationships with outdoor environments. Point Nepean National Park provides a unique experience where students can examine factors associated with increasing population (the quarantine station), industrialization (lime quarrying for building development in Melbourne) and nation building (Fort Nepean). It is also a fantastic outdoor environment where the students can enjoy an outdoor activity in bike riding.

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