TWILIGHT MARKET! 17th November


Peninsula VCAL Awards Night

Congratulations to Peter Megee who received an Encouragement  Award and Amber Deboer won the Excellence Award at the Peninsula VCAL Awards Night. Well done.



A word from the College Captains


Hi, for the ones that don’t know my name is Bridgette and I am one of your School Captains of 2016.

I would like to begin by saying how very honoured I am to be able to represent Western Port Secondary College as School Captain alongside my friend Andre. If you knew me prior to this year I reckon you would have been just as shocked as I when being elected this opportunity. I would have considered myself as a bit shy. I couldn’t even order a cheeseburger at McDonalds without my Mum coming with me, let alone speaking in public. So this brings me to encourage this year’s Year 11s and all years when it comes to the time, to go for School Captain. This opportunity is something that I will never forget and I have learnt so much from. Never believe you can’t do something, anything is possible if you want it bad enough and if you put in the hard work.

Speaking of hard work, I would like to encourage all students to apply themselves to their studies, I know you might not like fractions, or science or even writing essays (I’m in Year 12 and I’ve written so many essays that it has made me resent them, Thanks Ms Rule) but just keep persisting and keep going. I know sometimes you think you can’t do something but things are made to be learnt and that’s why we have the people standing around us, our teachers. They’re there to feed our minds with knowledge, answer our questions and solve our queries, so why don’t we use them. I know you may believe school will go forever, but it seriously feels like I was in Year 7 yesterday. It goes so quickly, so make the most of it.

Now I would like to thank you my amazing cohort. I was lucky enough to have known these guys for 6 years and even luckier to be able to share such a special and final year with. I couldn’t have picked a better bunch. The one thing I absolutely adore about my year level is that there isn’t one person who thinks they’re superior to another, we’re all equal. We have built a unity amongst such a diverse group of students and I’m forever grateful for the memories we have shared over this year. I know this year was a long and hard 9 months full of melt downs from being too tired or too stressed. (I can admit to a couple of these) but we have made it and now just to complete our final step, exams. You guys should be so very proud for surviving such a tedious year and I genuinely believe each and every one of you are capable of great things.

I would like to thank the teachers that I was lucky enough to have over the years and the ones that have given not only me but us Year 12s the tools to take on the big world. You have made us believe anything is possible if you put in the hard work. I would like to thank you guys for your persistence when we lost motivation, your faith and knowledge.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Mr Devine (or Divvy as we like to call him). You are an absolute top bloke and I mean that with the most sincerity. You have made great connections with the students of the school, especially us Year 12s and you’re genuine in doing so. You actually care how our studies are going, how our weekend was and if we had a fit bit, how many steps we have done just to show off your 15,000 before 10am. I hope you continue to be Principal for years to come, so you can continue with your great efforts on transforming our school into one with an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and co-operation.

So thank you Western Port Secondary College for everything and thank you to my fellow Year 12 peers and teachers, you have made this year a one to remember. You’ll be in my fondest of memories and forever in my heart.

Thank you

Bridgette Kupsch

Walking into Western Port on my first day here in Year 7, I was amazed at the size of the school, and the amount of students who I didn’t know. Having gone from a big fish in a little pond to a little fish in high school was an astounding change, and I thought I would never reach the end of it. But now, standing in front of you all for my final address, I can say the end is in sight.

For many of us Year 12’s, this was to be a year full of stress and hard work. But as it turns out, it was actually the best year of school I’ve had in my life. Earning the role of College Captain only improved an already good year. It has been such an honour to represent the school on many occasions, and if anyone is considering applying for the role I would highly recommend it. The experience throughout the year has been phenomenal, and the skills that are gained throughout the year of leadership are invaluable. On this note, I would like to thank Bridgette for sharing this responsibility, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to captain the school alongside.

To all the Year 12 students that made my year as amazing as it was – thank you. Without you all this final year of schooling would have been a disaster. It has been a tough year, but we are finally at the end. Work hard for the next few weeks and then we are free.

I have one final piece of advice to you all. Time flies, so make the most of your time here, because before you know it, it will be over. Work hard when you need to, and make sure you enjoy as much of it as you can.

Thank you.

Andre Harrison








Goodbye and Farewell Year 12’s












HPV Casey Fields

casey-fields-1 casey-fields-2

Congratulations to all the competitors and helpers who came along to Casey Fields on the weekend to race and assist.

Well done to the students in ‘The Cheif’ and ‘Shada’ placing 3rd and 5th overall.

Southern Metropolitan Region Athletics

2 3 4 5

Southern Metropolitan Region Athletics

On Thursday 6th October eight Western Port students competed in the Southern Metropolitan Region Athletics at Casey Fields. The day was sunny with some terrific athletes participating for the medals. Over 60 schools are included in this region including high profile schools such as Melbourne High, McKinnon, Frankston, Mornington and Berwick who have over 1300 students. Tom Finn won a gold medal in the 400m which entitles him to a place in the state championships as well as winning two silvers. This is our first state representative for a few years. A fantastic individual effort. All our students were amazing and we came away from the day with one gold and five silver medals. Overall WPSC came a credible 30th which is better than last year. Congratulations to all students on such an impressive result for such a small school.

Individual results were:

Alex Devlin Silver 17 years Long Jump

Tom Finn Silver 12-13 years Triple Jump and Long Jump

Kaylen Jansen Silver 18-20 years 200m

Bailey Williams Silver 16 years High Jump with a jump of 1.9m

Sean Hewitt 9th 18-20 years 1500m

Lily Snooks 4th 15 years Shot Put, 7th 1500m

Riley Armstrong 6th 16 years Shot Put and 4th Discus

Jay Reptik 4th 15 years Shot Put


Whirlwind Tour

The Junior and Senior Bands from Western Port SC have just completed a gruelling tour of five primary schools in two days. Hastings, Crib Point, Wallaroo, Somers and Bittern were all hit with the whirlwind tour which showed off our ace musicians to hundreds of primary students. The Junior Band kicked things off with some old standards and demonstrated the individual instruments with great presentations from all. The Senior band added a bit of Latino swagger and hot funk to get whole schools up dancing and singing along.

I would like to congratulate all the students involved for their professionalism in performance and efficiency in bumping in and out. They really were exemplary students. I would also like to thank our instrumental staff Mr. Maughan and Mr. Dewar for their great work getting these bands to such a high standard.

Stuart Miller

musos-1 musos-3 musos-4

Support Our Hero’s

everyday heros

‘Bay to Bay proudly supporting Beyond Blue’

The yYar 11 VCAL class have been training hard all term to prepare for the fundraiser on October 4th. This is what they have to say:  

We’ve created this fundraiser because we want to make a difference. We are inspired by the work of Beyond Blue and wanted to support them by raising money. As a class we decided to raise money to support people suffering with mental illness as we have all been affected in some way by anxiety or depression. Too many young people suffer with mental health conditions and they need to know that they are not alone, there is help out there for anyone. We have been training hard for a 30km walk over Arthurs Seat in October. We are looking for sponsorship for this massive effort, with all funds going towards Beyond Blue. We have been working as a team and have decided on a team goal of raising $10,000 for Beyond Blue. As well as raising funds we would like to raise awareness of mental health issues and teach everyone how to seek help. We encourage anyone who is struggling, maybe feeling sad all the time or having issues with anxiety to reach out. At the very least, visit the Beyond Blue website, call their hotline or speak to a close friend.

Please take the time to donate and support these fantastic students! The link to the everyday hero page can be found on the schools Facebook page. Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you!


Staff V’s Student Soccer

IMG_0082 IMG_0105 IMG_0125 IMG_0136 IMG_0073 IMG_0130 IMG_0147 IMG_0074

Alpine School Announcement

A once in a life time opportunity for students in Yr 9 2017

WPSC has been offered a place at the prestigious Alpine School for Student Leadership. Six students will be offered this opportunity for a nine week residential camp focusing of personal development, team learning and leadership.

Please see further information in the attached letter. Students needs to express their interest by FRIDAY 9th September by returning the bottom section of the letter.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this program please contact Andrew Aldham at the college on 5979 1577.

Alpine School Announcement


Feed their Need to Read!

Last week a group of our Year 9 students dressed up and headed down to High Street to read to excited local Primary School students for Book Week. Our readers captivated their audiences with their stories Feeding their Need to Read!


















Well done Victoria!

Congratulations to Victoria Hogan Keogh who was awarded the prestigious Spirit of Sport Award from the Mornington League. This award recognizes fairness, sportsmanship and team work. Well done!

Vic Hogan award (3)

Psychology Students say no to Palm Oil

IMG_2979 (2)

The Year 11 VCE Psychology class went to Melbourne Zoo to analyse the community conservation campaign, ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’ through consideration of contemporary research and prior understanding of group behavior, in order to examine the campaign and its effectiveness. Palm oil production is the single biggest threat to orangutan survival.

These campaigns are informed by theories of Social Psychology, incorporating Community Based Social Marketing (Dr Doug Mackenzie Mohr) and the tri-component model of attitudes using the Connect, Understand and Act model.

Students were surprised to find the palm oil is contained in so many products such as Magnum ice creams, Cheezels and even M&Ms! You may be unknowingly contributing to the destruction of orangutan habitat as currently it is not compulsory to label palm oil in Australia. Often food manufactures include palm oil in their products but are allowed to label it as vegetable oil.

Please click on the link below to join the growing list of Australian’s who support palm oil labelling.







Debutant Ball 2016!


Year 10 Leadership Camp

On the 19th of June, Skye De Jarlais, Riley Ellis, Kieara Young, Corey Vannistelrooy and Charles Pallesco from Year 10 were chosen to attend Portsea camp along with other schools.

During the camp they had a great experience making new friends and learning new leadership skills. They were given the opportunity to participate in fun activities including the giant swing, ropes courses and small team building exercises.

The Shed 11youth leaders taught them ways to be a better leader and different ways to lead.

The students would like to thank the Bendigo Bank for funding this camp, the Mornington Peninsula Youth Services for running this camp and Western Port Secondary College Wellbeing Team for partnering with these two organisations to give them the opportunity of an amazing experience.

Picture of Team




Japanese Homestay 2016

Fare well to our new friends!

26 27 28 29 30 31 32

Sayonara so Soon

Every year in August Thuy Ta and Adrian Allen organize the Japanese  homestay program at the College. For one week the visitors stay with our families, they experience Australian life and customs by joining in on everyday family activities like footy practice, bike riding, cooking and are treated to fun things like the movies, zoo and shopping. During this time international friendships are formed, email pals made and Skype mates created. Friendships that will last a lifetime.

Thank you to the families that took part in this invaluable program.


6 3 10



Man of Steel Success!

The cast, crew and band truly outdid themselves with each performance getting better and better. A  production of this calibre doesn’t happen without staff and students who are willing to make the commitment of the enormous amount of time, effort and energy that it takes to pull it together. Almost 1000 people viewed the musical over its three shows.  Well done to all involved.

IMG_0331 IMG_0406 IMG_0130 IMG_0030 IMG_0042 IMG_0141 IMG_0343 IMG_0315

July Whole School Assembly

Tuesday’s  whole school assembly was jam packed, we heard reports from students who attended the Portsea Camp(Skye De Jarlis, Riley Ellis, Kieara Young, Charles Pallesco and Corey Vannistelrooy), YMCA Teenage Girls Retreat(Beth Byrnes, Stephanie Dodkins and Rhianna Hicklin) and the Magic Moments Youth Leadership Camp in Sydney(Jess Henrick and Hayley Rowley). Zoe Mitchell, Kaila Paarlberg and Scott Harvey announced the recipients of medals from the Southern Region Cross Country. Harry Hainsworth, Tj Goodwin, Cody Bowman and Josephine Rich spoke about the Year 8 Entrepreneurs Project. Ms Smith handed out Environmental Awards and lastly we were all treated to a preview of the College musical Man of Steel!

IMG_0040 (2) IMG_0041 (2) IMG_0043 (2) IMG_0047 (2)

S.B. Norton Drops By

Local author S.B. Norton dropped by the College to talk with the Year 8 and 9 students about his recent series The Otherwordly Operatives. Scott spoke to the students about becoming a published author, many students were surprised at just how much time and effort goes into a book. Scott read he first chapter of Flames from the North to a captivated audience. You can find him on Instagram(#S.B. Norton) and purchase his novels from the Teachers Resource Bookshop in Hastings.

sb norton 1