Wetlands at Western Port

Flowing from the receipt of a substantial grant from South East Water, the Hands on Learning team at Western Port Secondary College has made substantial progress in the development of a wetland in the Outdoor Classroom at the college.

To date earth works have been completed resulting in a small, irregular shaped, clay lined wetland incorporating tree trunks and branches for visual interest and habitat.

The Hilton Hen House on the edge of the wetland has been converted and extended to become a bird hide.  During first term students will be planting appropriate indigenous plants in and around the wetland.  We are sure that there will be many creatures keen to take up residence in this diverse habitat.

The wetland will provide benefits to:

  • The environment, by providing a carbon sink (helping the school to become carbon neutral), providing a complex habitat encouraging a high degree of biodiversity and forming part of a wildlife corridor.
  • The Hands on Learning students, by providing interesting, varied and challenging tasks.
  • The whole of the college, by providing attractive surrounds and a real context for curriculum content in many subjects including direct study of aspects such as water quality and indigenous fauna and flora.