Thank you KK Steel

Western Port Secondary College would like to thank Mr Kevin Toohey and the boys from KK Steel for their continued support to the College. Kevin recently came to the College to help staff member, Ms Christina Moss to set up the welding bays in our new Trade Training Centre.

The school is now offering new courses for both Year 9 and 10 students in basic engineering, welding and fabrication. This to provide students with more ‘hands on experience’ in an industry, which is best, suited to the area and therefore increasing employment opportunities for its students.

Kevin has been keen to support the new courses because he understands and sees the value of these skills in an industry that continues to thrive against automation and robotic intervention. ‘Just giving students the opportunity to learn these skills so that they can use them in later life or help them get into TAFE or onto an apprenticeship is invaluable.’

2017 Debutante Ball

7B Afternoon Tea

On the 15th of August 7B invited an important person/people in their life to an Afternoon Tea.

The Year 7’s cooked scones beforehand for their important person/people and the Year 9 café class made drinks for the visitors. They served different types of jams and cream with their scones.

The year 7’s created plates and bowls to serve their scones on. When the afternoon tea was over the important people got to keep the plates and bowls. It was a great turn out and everyone enjoyed themselves.

On the behalf of 7B we would like to thank everyone for coming and the Year 9’s for helping out.

By the Year 7 Publicity Leaders 21/08/17

Year Holocaust Excursion

On Monday the 14th August a group of 39 students and four staff members traveled to the Holocaust Centre to help students have a better understanding of the issues of identity, human rights, conflict and tolerance. Students are currently studying the texts ‘Night’ and ‘Schindler’s List’ and their ability to answer and ask questions at the Centre was extremely impressive, as noted by the staff at the Holocaust Centre. We all left the Holocaust Centre with a more comprehensive knowledge of the atrocities that occurred yet a real sense of hope and compassion.  We then stopped for lunch at Acland Street St Kilda where we enjoyed all the fine eateries on offer. It was a picturesque day of blue skies and 19 degrees. It was a pleasure to take this group of students and their behaviour and attitude is a credit to Western Port Secondary College.  Ms Power 

The museum itself is a very confronting place. To be there and learn the story from an actual survivor made it even more emotional. I think I learnt more about the Holocaust and what happened with the prisoners not only in Auschwitz but in other concentration camps. All of us who attended the Holocaust Centre now have a much better understanding about the happenings of that time. When I lit a candle of hope and remembrance, it really meant a lot to me, especially to get to talk personally with Lusia. She showed me her brother in the photo gallery and said she often thought about him. It broke my heart to see such a gorgeous boy in the photo and know he was murdered. I went with Lusia into the Memorial Room and we placed the candle down. We stood in silence for ten seconds, and the whole time, I thought about all the innocent lives that were lost to such dreadful acts during the Holocaust. It made me incredibly emotional during that time and even afterward. I will never forget Lusia’s story. To me, it was the most important thing I got to hear all day at that museum and I will always cherish it within my mind and also my heart.

Rebekah Weafer Year 10 


Pierre de Coubertin Award – Vicki Hogan-Keogh

The 2017 Pierre De Coubertin Awards

The Pierre de Coubertin Awards, an initiative of the Victorian Olympic Council and the Department of Education and Training, turned 20 this year and WPSC was one of the 15 schools who have participated each year since its inception in 1997.

There are now over 200 school representatives receiving this award-an indication of the significance and esteem in which this award is held.


Named after the founder of the Modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the awards aim to recognise students who demonstrate attributes consistent with the fundamental aims of the Olympic movement. These attributes include participation in sporting endeavors with a particular emphasis on competing and commendable sporting behavior.

This year the award was presented to Vicki Hogan-Keogh a Year 12 student. The award ceremony was held on Sunday June 23rd at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) and provided the opportunity to connect one on one with Olympians: Linley Frame Swimming, Ellia Green Gold medalist Rugby, Belinda Hocking Swimming, Jeff Riseley Athletics, Pam Ryan Silver and Bronze medalist Athletics and Trevor Vincent Athletics.  The day also included a tour of the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) which Matt Foy also attended. Western Port Secondary College also received a certificate recognising our support.

Pierre’s inspiring message reminds us that: “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part. Just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.”

Congratulations Vicki.



Genetically modified food? Yes or No

Would you eat Genetically Modified food? What if they had more nutrients?

Last week the Senior Biology class went on an excursion to the AgriBio building at LaTrobe University Bundoora to do two sessions, a practical session using DNA Manipulation Techniques to investigate ways that farmers use DNA markers to ensure the best outcome when breeding livestock. The second session focused Ethical implications of genetic engineering where students discussed with students from other schools the positives and negatives faced by scientists and society. Students really enjoyed sharing their well thought out opinions on this controversial topic.

This week and next week Students are working on their Scientific Investigations with a focus on Antibiotics students design and conduct an experiment then create a scientific poster to present their findings.


Annual Year 12 Pyjama Day

For one day of the year our 12’s have the opportunity to wear their pyjama’s. Students pay a donation which goes to a charity of their choice.

Year 11 Career Expo Trip

Year 11’s visited the 2017 Careers Expo at the Exhibition Building last week. This excursion gave the students the chance to speak with organisations regarding future employment opportunities.

Teaching fellows in Singapore

Mr Devine visited two high performing schools in Singapore over the Term 2 break.  Pictured here are all the teaching fellows with Principal and staff at Nan Chiau Primary School, and Mr Devine with Mr Albert Lim Principal at Ngee Ann Secondary School.  Both schools are “Future Schools” in the Singaporean Education system. #cbateachingawards

Gene Access Technology

During a recent Biology class the Year 12’s took part in a video conference with the Gene Access Technology Center(GTAC). In which, one of their leading immunology researchers provided a lecture on the immune system and guided students through an activity where students modeled the immune response in the human body when bacterial infection occurs. This Activity helped students understand how the different cells involved communicate to fight infection and keep us healthy.

Year 12 Camp

Students spent 3 days exploring Universities and other tertiary institutions that Melbourne has to offer. Visiting the Eureka Tour, Ice Skating and some nice restaurants, one group even bumped into George Colombaris! (Thanks to Mrs McCarthy for the photos).

Malaysia Tour Flyer – Don’t miss out!

Congratulations Corey

Congratulations Corey  Vannistelrooy who completed a “Tools for The Trade” program ran by Salvocare. Corey was invited to make a speech reflecting on the value of the program and his personal experience. Well done Corey.

Amazing Art

The Garden

The Garden at the Salvation Army Western Port Mission Center is officially open – with the help of some very handy and and helpful students the garden is looking great! well done to our SBAT students, Dawsey, Braiden, Lily, Sam, Zac and Miles, you all did a fantastic job.#westernportsc #salvationarmy

Malaysia Study Tour Information Night

Entrepreneurial Learning Forum

A group of WPSC students attended the Entrepreneurial Learning Forum with Mitchell Institute and internationally renowned education expert Yong Zhou. The students presented a film they have produced show casing the entrepreneurial tasks undertaken at WPSC and talking about their learning in the project this year. Cody is shown interviewing Yong Zhou in front of school leaders, teachers and students representing schools across Victoria and New South Wales.

National Youth Week

On Thursday April 27th & Friday April 28th, Western Port Secondary College hosted National Youth Week Activities for Year 4 students from our feeder primary schools.

Our Year 10 Student Leaders ran 4 x 35 min workshops for the students based around the theme for our event which was “Mind, Body & Soul”.