Project 9 – Shrine Incursion

Project 9 – Shrine Incursion

The Year 9’s immersed themselves in a look at World War 1 and the centenary of the landing at Gallipoli.

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Bush Block

qrscanBush Block

This area of bushland has been improved as a result of a State Government ‘Communities for Nature’ grant. Within this area of bushland there are significant remnant indigenous species. It also abuts the habitat of the powerful owl that is an endangered species. During the breeding season a powerful owl can eat a brushtail possum in one night!

Students from Project 9 and the Conservation and Land Management group have removed weeds such as pittosporum, blackberries and watsonia. They have created paths to provide access for classes and have written letters to educate our neighbours about the educational value of this land.

Project 9 students worked with Dr Martin Fluker from Victoria University to select a sight for a Fluker Post. Photos take from the top of the post can be emailed to Dr Fluker to be put on our site so that we can see the changes that occur over a period of time. Google search The Fluker Post Project and look at our album. This area is part of our Outdoor Classroom and be used across the curriculum as a teaching space and resource. This is learning in ‘the real world’.

A student impression of the first days in Project 9

 My first impressions of the Year 9 program are really good. I find it more exciting and have more motivation to try hard. Motivation is something I lack when it comes to school. I think the Year 9 Team has done a good job of making the activities and upcoming events as fun and educational as possible.

The Year 9 Program is there not just to have fun with your mates but to teach you skills that you might not learn in the classroom but also need in life. One that I have learnt already during rollover is teamwork. They made me work with people I probably normally wouldn’t work with and to make it work.

The Year 9 Program of course is meant to make you do things out of your comfort zone and try new things. I’m not big on stepping out of my comfort zone at all but I think the Year 9 Program is really going to help me. I’m really looking forward to what has to come throughout the year

Evie Maloney

Project 9 Information Night

The Year 9 team ran a parent information night on Wednesday the 30th of October which presented 2014 students and parents with an overview of the rationale and the content for Project 9. The feedback from those in attendance was overwhelmingly positive. The night was capped off with drinks prepared by the Coffee and Conversations Café and supper prepared by the students themselves in their materials food class.

A copy of the information Power Point that was presented on the night is attached for any parents who were unable to attend.

Special thanks to

Donna Geritz, Carol Gudgion, Deb Busana and Tanya Au for assistance with food and beverages

The 2013 Year 9 students who presented on the night Alanah Sbisa, Luke White, Lani Kupsch.

Liz Rich and Julie Harrison who presented a parents perspective of their child’s year in Project 9.

More information can be found in this presentation:Parent information: Project 9 (241 KB)

Project 9 song

A big congratulations to Stuart Miller has taken the opportunity to link his music class with the work the kids have done in Project 9 and they have produced a parody for Project 9 to the song ‘Blurred Lines’.

Click continue reading to listen

Dyeing Workshop

Year 9 students participated in a dyeing workshop with artist Minna Loft. They dyed silk fabric using leaves and flowers from the college gardens and will be making a hanging for studio 9 out of their dyed pieces.







Place “Prezi”

See our pathway for Term 3 “Place” (click link)


‘Through self-confidence and friendships we prepare ourselves to take on the challenges and obstacles of life’

Following a review of our school data in 2012, an alternate Year 9 program was developed which focused on providing students with 21st Century skills which will be crucial in providing important skills to prepare students for the challenges of life and their future pathway into the workforce.

Identified 21st Century skills that this program aims to provide include;

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Skilled Communication
  • Collaboration / Team work
  • Information Literacy / Research
  • Critical Thinking, Problem solving & Decision Making
  • Citizenship – Local and Global
  • ICT Literacy
  • Life and Career Skills
  • Learning to Learn / Metacognition
  • Personal and Social Responsibilities

WPSC programs Approach: Practice is an overarching focus spread throughout the year and includes VCE/VCAL/VET awareness, Big Day out careers day, Speed Careering, Schools Access Monash, Senior School subject selection

Term 1 – Lifestyle, Term 2 – Environment, Term 3 – Place, Term 4 – Culture


The program curriculum has been designed around experiential learning which takes student out of the classroom and promotes a ‘community of learning’ approach that cultivates strong relationships and encourages diversity. Through personal experiences with their education, we aim to have students more engaged in their learning and feeling more connected to our school and the community that they live in.

iPads and ICT

Each Year 9 Student has been allocated an iPad for the duration of the year which assists in engaging students in their learning through a range of mediums. There are a number of fantastic educational applications available and students have access to a wide variety of these. Some student comments regarding iPads are below;

‘ Having the iPads incorporated in this program is fantastic. I think it’s really great to have the school teaching us 21st Century skills. It’s also been great how we got such a big donation to purchase these iPads and just proves that the community is also supportive of our program and interested in where it is headed in the future.’

Kaila Paarlberg

‘The idea of the iPads are awesome. It’s the first I’ve used of them and I have heaps of ideas.’

Rhys Ogier

‘The iPads were a great idea for the Year 9 program, I find it easier to just take my work with me without having to hop on to a computer. They have good apps for us to use and help us to get our work finished with ease.’

Toby Smith

Student Ownership

The program began with a focus on student ownership and this paved the way for the development of the program name and the vision statement by the students themselves. The student executive committee includes volunteers from across the year level and this group made the final decisions on the name, values and vision statement for the program which was aptly named ‘PROJECT 9’.

Values and Vision Statement

Students worked collaboratively in the early stages of the program to develop the values and vision statement to guide both the direction of the program and the expected behaviours and outcomes for the students.

In their small groups, students constructed a tangible representation of what they believed the program was about from the information that had been presented to them by the team of mentors.

The values that were consistently represented by the groups and were decided on by the student executive committee were – Honesty, Respect, Friendships and Confidence.

These values guided the decision for the vision statement for 2013 which is;

‘Through self-confidence and friendships we prepare ourselves to take on the challenges and obstacles of life’

Local Community Support

We have had a great response from the community in relation to our development of Project 9. This includes generous support with the provision of iPads for every student, strengthening local community partnerships and the general financial support that comes with providing experiential learning opportunities for our students.

  • The R.E Ross Trust
  • Foundation 59
  • National Australia Bank Seed Award


iPads in Studio 9

The Year 9 students have been getting familiar with their iPads during workshops today. It’s been great to see how well they have taken to using these innovative devices.


iPads are fun!

iPads are fun!


Busy recording with our iPads

Busy recording with our iPads