WPSC Scholarship Program

Western Port Secondary College has an extensive Year 7 Scholarship program. The College is always delighted to award scholarships in a range of areas.

Students from local schools are invited to apply for scholarships in the areas of:

  • General Excellence
  • Academic Excellence
  • Music
  • Arts
  • Community Involvement
  • Sport
  • Sustainability
  • Performing Arts
  • IT
  • STEM

The scholarship program will be on offer to prospective Year 7 students, for the upcoming  school year.
Scholarship application forms and details are available on the website, as well as through the primary schools in Term Two.

Details of the Scholarships Program

At Western Port Secondary College, we strive for academic excellence and are exceptionally proud of our students. During the course of the school year, students currently in Year 6 will be able to apply for a range of scholarships.

Please note:

  • Applicants will only be selected if they choose WPSC on their Secondary School preference sheet.
  • An application form should accompany any scholarship.
  • Scholarships are awarded on the basis of an interview, involving the applicant and a parent, held at the college together with additional information provided by the student’s current school. Students are not required to sit an entry examination.
  • The application must clearly state which scholarship the student is applying for.
  • All scholarships are subject to enrolment at WPSC and are presented after enrolment. Money amounts will be credited to the student’s College account.
  • Students can apply for more than one scholarship
  • Scholarships are rewarded with either a money amount or an Ipad / Ipad Mini.


See http://westernportsc.vic.edu.au/enrolment/transition/ for application form and closing date. Applications can also be collected via your Primary School teachers. Parents and Guardians should assist their children to complete the attached application form and forward directly to the Transitions Coordinator, details are below:

Transitions Coordinator

Western Port Secondary College

PO BOX 101

Hastings 3915

or email:


All applicants will be sent correspondence from the College in relation to the success of their application.


  • Interviews will be held in the College boardroom commencing in Term Two, by appointment only.
  • Students should be accompanied to this interview by a parent or guardian.
  • Students are encouraged to bring any supporting material, pieces of work that they are proud of, reports or a portfolio.

More transition information and application forms: http://westernportsc.vic.edu.au/enrolment/transition/