MBYOD (Managed Bring Your Own Device) Year 7 and beyond

In 2014, the College introduced a MBYOD program for students in Year 7. The Managed BYOD Program provides every student access to their own netbook computer (a type of small laptop computer). This is used in a wireless environment at the College allowing teachers to integrate technology into their curriculum, whereby fostering personalised learning, allowing students to progress at their own pace and ability levels, and increase independence and self- initiated learning. The Managed BYOD Program aims to motivate students to learn by immersing them in the digital tools that they are familiar with in their everyday life and develop their 21st Century Skills to enable them to be better prepared for the ever-evolving world.

Western Port Secondary College has completed in-depth research to provide its students with what they consider the best range of devices to satisfy not only learning needs but also financial needs. The range is made up of three Acer Travelmate Netbooks which vary in performance and price.

NSSCF Program Year 10-12

The principle objective of the National Secondary School Computer Fund (NSSCF) is to achieve a computer to student ratio of 1:1.

Western Port Secondary College proudly offers the 1:1 learning initiative to all VCE and VCAL students whereby every student will receive, free of charge, an Acer Netbook for the duration of their study at Western Port Secondary College.

This Netbook is on loan to the student in a 24/7 capacity, enabling them to expand the learning environment beyond the walls of the classroom to give students the capability to collaborate, share information and experiences and take control of their learning in ways not previously possible.

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