Western Port Secondary College is committed to providing a dynamic learning environment that challenges students to perform to their personal best. Western Port SC aims to further enhance teaching and learning and improve outcomes in literacy, numeracy, sciences, languages as well as the use of ICT.
In 2013 as part of our new Year 9 program we have being fortunate in securing funding through Foundation 59 to support a 1:1 iPad Program for students.
Web: http://foundation59.org.au/
The 1:1 iPad Program provides every student in Year 9 access to an iPad  (a type of tablet device).  This can be used in a wireless environment at the College allowing teachers to integrate technology into their curriculum, whereby fostering personalised learning, allowing students to progress at their own pace and ability levels, and increase independence and self-initiated learning. The iPad opens up new possibilities with functions such as filming and sound use at the students’ fingertips. The 1:1 iPad Program aims to motivate students to learn by immersing them in the digital tools that they are familiar with in their everyday life and develop their 21st Century Skills to enable them to be better prepared for the ever-evolving world.
The aim of the iPad program is to familiarise students with this type of tool and understand how it can be integrated with other digital devices. Students use the iPad to research, record, collect, sort and present information on a range of different projects/tasks through the year.