Project 9

Project 9 is an experiential learning program focusing on the development of 21st Century skills and exploring students’ own capabilities. A major part of the program gives students opportunities to identify their own strengths and build upon areas they wish to improve. It takes students out of their regular classroom routine and brings together vast opportunities which exist in our local and wider community. Project 9 runs for the entire school year, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to become well-rounded individuals and active members of the community. Project 9 involves excursions and activities to assist with students’ personal and interpersonal skills, as well as giving them greater opportunities for involvement in hands on and experiential learning. Through mentoring and regular contact with parents and carers, students develop personal ownership of their learning and recognise the value of setting SMART goals and achieving them throughout the year. 

The program is based around the Victorian Curriculum Capability areas of Critical & Creative thinking, Ethical, Personal, Social and Intercultural capabilities. Project 9 also bridges the gap across domains, and is a truly cross-curricular program, building student literacy and numeracy skills, while allowing students the opportunity to delve deeper into Humanities, Science, Sports and Arts domains through real-world exploration, excursions and engagement. Through the Project 9 program, students become more connected with their peers, teachers and the community, as they share experiences and form bonds together on excursions. The excursions focus on the themes of Community, Careers, Conservation and Culture, taking students on varied learning experiences.

August 2022 Update

The Year 9’s had an extra busy term participating in the Careers Expo and attending Spruik your Subject in preparation for next year.

They have enjoyed starting the transition process to Senior school but have still managed to find the time to get stuck into our Conservation unit in Project 9. This unit has allowed students to get out and about in the Bush Block, Frog Bog and veggie patches as well as have conservationists run environmental art workshops with the students.

 On Friday, the 19th the Year 9’s went out on an excursion to Mushroom Reef in Flinders, where they met marine biologist Harry Briedahl to conduct a crab survey as well as observe many other creatures that inhabit the reef. The day was finished off with a hike to Gunnery lookout, beach games and of course, a hot chip lunch!