How We Teach LOTE

The ability to use a language other than English and move between cultures is important for full participantion in the modern world, especially in the context of increasing globalisation and Australia’s cultural diversity.

Languages education is an investment in Australia’s future. Bilingual people have obvious advantages in many areas, eg, tourism, trade, finace, politics, science, art and the education.

These skills are crucial to Australia’s potential to develop as a powerful and dynamic member of the world community. We must nuture these skills in today’s students if we are to meet the future challenges efectively and with confidence.

Indonesian language is the focus language at Western Port Secondary College.


Australia and Indonesia have worked together in the past and the two countries maintain a good working relationship.

Australia and Indonesia are close neighbours enjoying many links including political, security, commercial, cultural and people-to-people connections. In fact, agreements on education, defence, development, counter-terrorism and economic cooperation have been signed.

There are as many as 400 Australian companies operating in Indonesia, including BHP Billiton, Telstra and Transfield.

Indonesian language skills can open doors to a wide range of employment opportunities in areas of government, education, business, tourism, travel, translating and interpreting, the military, medicine, law, engineering and journalism.

Indonesia is one of South-east Asia country that is fascinating and affordable to visit, study and word.

It is interesting to know that Indonesian is a little easier for English speakers to learn than some Asian languages. It uses Latin scripts and is non-tonal language so that English speakers can pick it up quickly.


As a student, learning Indonesian in Western Port will increase the understanding of another culture and the way people live outside of Australia.

  • be able to communicate with more than 300 million people world wide
  • help improving English
  • earn bonus marks for the ENTER score for university
  • be a part of global tolerance and peace
  • broader career opportunities


Bahasa Indonesia is compulsory for year 7 and 8. From year 9 onwards, Bahasa Indonesia is an elective subject.

The college has established the VCE programs and currently offers Indonesian for year 11 and 12. Correspondent course provided by Victorian School of Language is also offered to VCE students who would like to follow the distant education program
Year level Topic/text book:-

  • Year 7: Greetings, basic conversations, numbers, days, months, colours, animals, family, school,
  • Year 8: Year 7 topic revisions, adjectives, body parts, food and drink, housing, clothing, transport,
  • Year 9: “Keren” 1
  • Year 10: “Keren” 2
  • Year 11: “Keren” 3
  • Year 12: Unit 3 and 4 course book: , Students’ life in Australia and Indonesia, Kartini, exchange students, Indonesian tradition wedding ceremonies.


The LOTE program used to offer students the opportunities to visit Bali and other islands of Indonesia. However, due to the current political and environmental situations, these trips have been postponed until the Victorian government lifts the ban. The college has been looking at “Learn Indonesian in Malaysia” cultural and language tour instead.

Also, in the recent years, our college has worked closely with Malaysian education department, has supported our students to participate in winning the study scholarship program in Malaysia.


Western Port opens opportunities for students to embrace the culture by taking them to city excursions to Indonesian conferences, restaurants and visit local primary schools.

Each year the college organizes ‘Discovery Day’ for grade five and six students to come and enjoy different activities from all faculties. The Indonesian domain runs this special day with hand-on tasks and also provides the taste of Indonesian food.

In the last few years, Indonesian domain has been receiving extra funding from the Victorian government. The students have enjoyed making kites, batik, masks or playing real Indonesian musical instruments with that funding.

As developing more understanding of Asian cultures, Western Port has been hosting Exchange student groups from Japan each year. This program has been supported greatly by our students and families.

In 2009, LOTE domain took our first group to Japan.

Thank you for visiting Indonesian Domain of Western Port Secondary College.

We hope to see you at our college one day.

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