How We Teach Mathematics

The Maths department at Western Port aims to develop each student’s potential in basic manipulative skills, knowledge of mathematical facts and understanding concepts. We provide students with the opportunity to apply these concepts and skills in familiar and unfamiliar situations.

Whereas Maths is a branch of knowledge, we are also interested in promoting Numeracy. To be Numerate students need to be able to understand the language of maths. They need to be able to construct mathematical sentences, which enable problem solving to occur.

Maths is a compulsory part of the curriculum from Years 7 – 10 and follows the levels prescribed by VELS. Under VELs our teaching practice has changed to include more open-ended tasks, an opportunity for students to work at their own level and to incorporate more Information Communications Technologies (ICT).

An elective Maths is also offered at Year 9.  For those interested in pursuing Maths to a higher level, the College offers the full complement of VCE subjects for students to choose from.

Students are encouraged to extend themselves in Maths and acceleration in the subject may be possible after consultation between the student, teacher, parents and the Sub school co-ordinator.

Numeracy Centre

In 2010 the College set up a dedicated Numeracy centre. This area will be used for withdrawal sessions with small groups of students together with a teacher.

The Numeracy centre is also open all of lunchtime from  Monday to Thursday inclusive, for students who would like assistance with any level of Maths.