Hear what students have been creating in music

How We Teach Music

Students at Western Port Secondary College develop their skills for music through an introductory program in Year 7. In this program students study music for 2 lessons per week for a full year. They learn the basics in playing a woodwind, brass or rock instrument.

They also learn the skills needed to work in a class band setting as well as begin to gain an understanding of a number of different music concepts.

All classes perform at the end of year music concert, demonstrating some of the skills learnt during the year.

In Year 8 students continue to develop their skills on the instrument that they chose in Year 7 and further develop the skills in reading and understanding music.

Options For Middle and Senior School Students

Music is offered in both Year 9 and 10 as an elective subject. Both of the year levels look at continuing the understanding of music and the playing skills as well as beginning to look towards music at a VCE level.

VCE music is offered at both a Year 11 and 12 level with students having the option of completing Solo or Group performance for their unit 3/4 subject.

Music Created By Our Students

Students now have the opportunity to not only record but to share their creations on a music site that is controlled and monitored by the school.

The students have worked quite hard on this project and are now trying to score hits on their songs by advertising through their own use of social media.

You can hear their compositions below:

An Old Friend – Sam & Brad by Western Port Music