How We Teach Science

At Western Port Secondary College, under the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, our students study core Science at Years 7-10 that focus on the dimensions of ‘Science Knowledge and Understanding’ and ‘Science at Work’.

We offer semester based electives at Year 9 and 10 that include:

  • Human Guinea Pig
  • Forensic Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Marine Science
  • Psychology
  • Extension Science

The following subjects are also taught at VCE level:

  • Biology (Units 1-4)
  • Chemistry (Units 1-4)
  • Physics (Units 1-4)
  • Psychology (Units 1-4)

qrscanWetlands in Science

The wetlands at Western Port Secondary College were planted out by students and are an integral part of the science curriculum. They have been used not only in content knowledge but also to improve inquiry skills. Students have tested the quality of the water in the wetlands by conducting different experiments and looking at the microscopic bugs in the water. The wetlands have also been used in several inquiry projects looking at the impacts of biotic and abiotic factors on ecosystems. Students were able to identify indigenous plants to make sure that the wetlands were healthy and a good habitat for the local wildlife.


Expanding Knowledge

In Science the aim is to expand the student’s knowledge of the issues within the world and beyond so that they are able to question scientific change and adapt to our changing world. We also have a focus on sustainability where students can learn to understand issues at a local and global level.

The Science classroom may be in or out of the laboratory with students experiencing:

  • Practical work as individuals and working in teams
  • Research activities
  • Fieldwork
  • Written work to improve Science literacy
  • Computer use
  • Excursions
  • Involvement with local organisations and resources including Devilbend Reservoir, Western Port Marina and BlueScope Steel

Students also encouraged to participate in extracurricular and extension activities such as:

  • Australasian Schools Science Competition
  • Science Talent Search
  • National Chemistry Quiz
  • National Youth Science Forum
  • Discovery Day
  • Joint Science activities with the local Primary Schools

Year 10 students have the opportunity to study a Year 11 VCE Science subject and Year 11 students to study Year 12 VCE Science.

Students not only find this exciting but have stated the experience improved their study skills and Science knowledge.

qrscanFrog Bog

At Western Port Secondary we are aiming to increase biodiversity. Our Frog Bog was constructed by Year 8 students and is designed to catch overflow from heavy rainfall. We have been lucky enough to have the Banjo frog, also known as the Pobblebonk frog, in residence.