Year 12 at Western Port Secondary College

Year 12 is the culmination of 13 years of schooling. Study and achieving good results are obviously important, but at Western Port Secondary College, we aim to make the year a memorable one outside the classroom too. Throwing themselves into Year 12 school life, knowing it’s their last chance to make the most of the opportunities WPSC offers. Year 12’s are the ones who put the most effort into dressing up for the Swimming or Athletics sports. Students design their own special jacket and raise money to produce a 64 page magazine as a record of their year. This fundraising leads to a variety of activities – an Easter Breakfast, Pie Eating competitions, a Muffin and Pyjama Day and sports day BBQs for instance.

The Year 12 Study Room provides an alternative to the Library during Study periods, and a place to relax over recess or lunchtime.

In Pathways sessions once a week students rotate through health and relaxation sessions, extra English help, assistance with their future goals and Study skills tips.

When exams are over the year ends with a formal themed Valedictory Dinner at the Mornington Racing Club. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to dress up and celebrate with friends before starting their post-school lives.


To achieve a VCE certificate and an ATAR score, students must successfully complete at least 16 VCE Units. This must include 3 units of English and 3 Year 12 subjects other than English. A unit is a semester of work and Units 1 and 2 are completed at Year 11, with Units 3 and 4 at Year 12. Most students attempt 12 units in Year 11 and 10 units in Year 12 but Year 10 students have the opportunity of completing a Year 11 subject and Year 11’s may complete a Year 12 subject as part of their program. This is valuable experience for their final year of school and may allow them to broaden their course.

Western Port Secondary offers a wide variety of VCE subjects. When a subject is not offered by the school students may choose to study through Distance Education. VET subjects are offered both on and off the school campus.