Exceptional NAPLAN results

NAPLAN results were released to schools and mailed home to individual student families last week. This year has produced some outstanding results for our school!  In terms of both growth and absolute results, Year 7 have done exceptionally well.  In combining Medium and High growth together, we have performed equal or better than the whole state average in every category (Numeracy, Reading, Spelling and Writing) except Grammar and Punctuation which we missed by only 2.6%.  This means that in each of those other categories 75% or more of our students had Medium or High growth.  In terms of absolute results we aim to have as few students as possible in the lowest NAPLAN band (below National Minimum Standard), and we have improved in every NAPLAN category (Numeracy, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Punctuation), and have consistently outperformed the state average, region average, school type, LGA comparison, SFO comparison, Metropolitan School average and schools of a similar size.  That is less students in the lowest band as compared to every cohort comparison the Department of Education offers.  Not one student who sat NAPLAN fell below the National Minimum Standard in Numeracy – these are fantastic results!


At Year 9 we maintained our existing good growth data in most areas.  Combined Medium and High growth was up on last year in both Grammar and Punctuation and in Writing, with Numeracy growth remaining consistent and reading was only slightly down.   In absolute results and again targeting having less students in Band 5 (and below National Minimum Standard)we did better against our like school group in Numeracy, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Punctuation. We have had a significant improvement in Writing and had our highest number of students in High and Medium growth in more than 5 years – a terrific result and better than the State Benchmark.


These are some terrific outcomes and reflect the hard work of Teachers, Staff and Teams across the College. I look forward to continue to work with staff, parents and students to maintain and improve these outcomes into the future. Should you have any queries about NAPLAN results please contact me or your students Learning Level Leader.