Meet Stanley

Hi, my name is Stanley and i’m a Vision Eye Dog in training.

I’m very lucky to be able to do my training at school with you, its great that my mum Mrs McCarthy who is your Pathways Coordinator has so many friends for me to learn from. You’re all very clever and know not to pat me when i’m wearing my jacket, you can give yourselves a treat!

You may see or hear me be a normal puppy from time to time. When my jacket is off I love to do all the normal puppy stuff, eat, chew, bounce, make crazy noises, get the rips, make you laugh and smile.

When i grow up i’ll play a significant roll in a blind/ vision impaired persons life.So far, i’m getting top marks from See Eye Dogs Australia, my time at school with you must be super good for me! Thank you all for being amazing and helping me on my journey. #westernportsc#seeingeyedogs #visionaustralia #guidedogstanley