Parent Teacher Conferences Made Easy

Parent Teacher Conferences Made Easy                     



Have you ever walked out of a Parent Teacher Conference more confused or frustrated that before you walked in?


Do you sometimes feel like teachers are speaking another language?


Want some tips on how to change this? If  so, keep reading!




Here are our top 5 tips to make your conference more successful

1. Read the Progress Report for your son/daughter carefully and make an appointment with all of the teachers you wish to speak to via Compass.

 2. Remember that the conference should be about the ACADEMIC progress of your child. Teachers and Coordinators can discuss learning behaviours with you at any stage, but these conferences are your chance to ask the key questions and hear about the educational improvements that are being made.

So how do you do that?

  1. We recommend you ask all staff the following questions to help steer your conversation in the right direction:
  • Is my son/daughter coping with the school work at the level he/she is in?
  • If yes, what extension opportunities is the teacher giving to your son/daughter?
  • If no, what strategies is the teacher using to support learning growth and development?
  • What should my son/daughter focus on over the next 4-6 weeks? AND WHY!!!!!

(This last one should NOT be about behaviour). While poor behaviour may be a contributing factor, the focus should be on learning progress.

1. What has my son/daughter been assessed on this term? Can the teacher show you samples or explain this assessment and how do they know the level your son/daughter is working at?

 2. Lastly, we recommend asking what your son/daughter can do at home to support this learning and what you can do to help ensure they continue to improve their skills and abilities. This might include things like helping to set up a clear study space at home, monitoring the use of phones, TV, games etc. on school nights.

No question is a silly question – PLEASE ask as many as possible. If you are in any way dissatisfied with the answers a teacher gives you, please speak to the College Principal Mr Michael Devine.