School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

On Tuesday August 29, all Western Port staff participated in a professional development day. The day focused on the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) framework. SWPBS  is a framework that will build a positive culture of teaching and learning at the College. The framework is well supported by evidence from around the world and is a key engagement strategy supported by the Victorian Department of Education. The PD day was organized and planned by WPSC’s Positive Behaviour Support Steering Committee, a collection of volunteers from different parts of the college. This group has worked tirelessly over the first half of 2017 and it was fantastic to see staff from all parts of the school leading professional development for their peers.

The first session of the day saw Umesh Sharma, Associate Professor at Monash University present to staff, introducing the principles of Positive Behaviour Support. Umesh has experience from across the globe in leading research on Inclusive Education and Positive Behaviour Support. Umesh has been supporting the PBS steering committee with their work this year and it was great to have him present to our staff group. Umesh is committed to mentoring the steering committee and school leadership as our work on Positive Behaviour Support continues, and we are very fortunate to benefit from his experience and knowledge.

The rest of the day saw teaching and support staff rotate through a number of interactive activities to learn more about the three ‘tiers’ of behavioural support in the framework. Participation was energetic and enthusiastic and it was clear that staff enjoyed the day, gaining new skills and knowledge that will be important in the roll-out of the framework at the school. In the end of the day reflection survey, more than 90% of staff said they “had a good understanding of the SWPBS framework as a result of the PD day”.

The day was a huge success thanks to the great work conducted by the PBS steering committee and the participation from all staff. The day set a solid foundation for the rest of the roll-out of the Positive Behaviour Support framework at the College.

Tom Cain | Year 8 Learning Leader