Where are they now with David Chipperfield


Since finishing Year 12 in 2005 a lot has happened. Firstly after all the hard work, effort and support through school, I got the result I needed and scored my place at university doing Aerospace and Business. My goal for this course all started in Year 10 and my love for aircraft a long time before that. At university I was told to embrace everything which I did in strides. Made lots of new friends, learnt all the new topics and went to all the new parties, highlighted clearly with the participation in Red Bull Paper Wings tournament placing third in Australia for distance with a paper plane.

Professionally however it has been even a bigger journey. The skills I learnt at school and passion I have for my work have taken me globally. From structural analysis work with the European Space Agency in Austria to Airline Survey work in Japan. Now I hold a prominent position in a local aviation firm specialising in aircraft fit-outs for the likes of Ambulance and Police Agencies throughout Australia, the federal police agencies and various international operators throughout the Asia Pacific region. Highlights including implementation of new stretcher systems to flight testing with hi-tech surveillance equipment, without being cliché, the sky’s not the limit.