Year Holocaust Excursion

On Monday the 14th August a group of 39 students and four staff members traveled to the Holocaust Centre to help students have a better understanding of the issues of identity, human rights, conflict and tolerance. Students are currently studying the texts ‘Night’ and ‘Schindler’s List’ and their ability to answer and ask questions at the Centre was extremely impressive, as noted by the staff at the Holocaust Centre. We all left the Holocaust Centre with a more comprehensive knowledge of the atrocities that occurred yet a real sense of hope and compassion.  We then stopped for lunch at Acland Street St Kilda where we enjoyed all the fine eateries on offer. It was a picturesque day of blue skies and 19 degrees. It was a pleasure to take this group of students and their behaviour and attitude is a credit to Western Port Secondary College.  Ms Power 

The museum itself is a very confronting place. To be there and learn the story from an actual survivor made it even more emotional. I think I learnt more about the Holocaust and what happened with the prisoners not only in Auschwitz but in other concentration camps. All of us who attended the Holocaust Centre now have a much better understanding about the happenings of that time. When I lit a candle of hope and remembrance, it really meant a lot to me, especially to get to talk personally with Lusia. She showed me her brother in the photo gallery and said she often thought about him. It broke my heart to see such a gorgeous boy in the photo and know he was murdered. I went with Lusia into the Memorial Room and we placed the candle down. We stood in silence for ten seconds, and the whole time, I thought about all the innocent lives that were lost to such dreadful acts during the Holocaust. It made me incredibly emotional during that time and even afterward. I will never forget Lusia’s story. To me, it was the most important thing I got to hear all day at that museum and I will always cherish it within my mind and also my heart.

Rebekah Weafer Year 10