A student impression of the first days in Project 9

 My first impressions of the Year 9 program are really good. I find it more exciting and have more motivation to try hard. Motivation is something I lack when it comes to school. I think the Year 9 Team has done a good job of making the activities and upcoming events as fun and educational as possible.

The Year 9 Program is there not just to have fun with your mates but to teach you skills that you might not learn in the classroom but also need in life. One that I have learnt already during rollover is teamwork. They made me work with people I probably normally wouldn’t work with and to make it work.

The Year 9 Program of course is meant to make you do things out of your comfort zone and try new things. I’m not big on stepping out of my comfort zone at all but I think the Year 9 Program is really going to help me. I’m really looking forward to what has to come throughout the year

Evie Maloney