Information and Communication Technology

Internet, Computer Facilities and Mobile Technologies 
Acceptable Use Agreement for Students and Families

Internet and Digital Technologies Acceptable Use Agreement 2016

Student Wellbeing

WPSC Student Engagement Policy (1MB)

First Aid (199 KB)

First Aid Protocol (135 KB)

Asthma Policy (285 KB)

Anaphylaxis policy (195 KB)

General Guidelines and Policies

Mobile usage policy (860KB)

Representative sports policy (160 KB)

College Rules (248 KB)

Uniform Guidelines (293 KB)

Homework Guidelines (220 KB)

SAC (School Assessed Coursework) process (293 KB)

 Holiday Homework Policy (201 KB)

Communication and Reporting (288 KB)

Sustainability Policy (253 KB)

Padlock replacement (309 KB)