Healthy physical activity and good competitive attitudes are an important part of the educational program. An extracurricular activity such as sport is highly encouraged and is an integral aspect of Western Port Secondary College’s culture.

Engagement Captains (Sport) oversee the following task:

  • mentoring junior school students
  • providing leadership
  • participating at college assemblies
  • assisting with carnivals
  • participating in school activities
  • assisting with the coaching of sports

Sport Uniforms.

Each team that represents the College during sport days is provided with uniforms displaying the college logo. These students will wear this attire to sporting events that do not require specific uniforms. The students wear these uniforms on match day to give to develop school and team spirit and give them a sense of team pride and honour in wearing the College colours. The College colours worn by students during competition are black, white and bottle green.


We have an athletics track, football oval, all-purpose synthetic grass basketball/netball courts, soccer oval, gymnasium and new fitness and weights centre.

House Sports.

Each student is allocated a House at the beginning of their secondary school life.

There are 4 Houses which are named after Australian Defence Force naval bases.

  • Leeuwin
  • Huon
  • Encounter
  • Cerberus

All students are encouraged to participate in a range of intra-house competitions. Each year there is a competition between the Houses in SwimmingAthletics and Cross Country. These days are designed for all students. These are keenly contested, fun and participation for all is actively promoted. House Captains are elected for Seniors, Intermediates and Juniors. Shields are presented to House Captains for each individual competition with an overall shield for the combined total of all the sports.

The College encourages a broad range of school teams to compete at the Peninsula district level which consists of 6 schools and then, if successful, through to Southern Zone and State level.

Interschool Sports.

Interschool sport is divided into summer and winter sports. The levels of competition are Year 7, Year 8, Year 9/10 and Year 11/12. Students get the opportunity to develop teamwork, initiative, and fair play whilst achieving success and satisfaction from their hard work. Training is run during lunchtimes.

Term 1 Sports

Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, Softball, Volleyball

Term 2 Sports

Netball, Soccer, Badminton, Football.

Term 3 Sports

Hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis.

Girls 17 year old Discus:

First place: Charlotte M.

Girls 18-20 Javelin:

First place: Charlotte M.

Boys 15 year old 1500m run:

First place: James D.

Boys 17 year old Triple jump:

First place: Tayte K.

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