Parents & Friends

About our Parents and Friends Community ​

The Western Port Secondary College’s Parents and Friends (P&F) community is a group of volunteers who play an active and productive role in supporting, serving, and caring for the members of the Western Port School Community.

Being involved in P&F activities is a great way to connect with Western Port Secondary College’s students and families. 

Our Aims

  • Encourage friendship, support, positive communication across the Community through organizing various social activities aimed at building connections.
  • Ensure the range of activities offered are fully inclusive to promote a sense of belonging across the community.
  • Promote a sense of belonging and connectedness within the school community.
  • Raise funds to contribute to the enhancement of the school community for the benefit of our students.
  • Be highly approachable and reliable and have a strong direction, which is consistent, transparent, and relevant.
  • Have great communication with the school leadership and staff, and the wider community.
  • Feel connected by our common purpose and build the Parent and Friends community at WPSC and have an enjoyable time while we are here.

Why Join?

All parents and friends of the Western Port community are welcome to join us:

  • To make new friends
  • To learn what is happening in the college.
  • To share ideas and talents.
  • To become involved in improving the college community.

If you have an interest in becoming a part of our team or would like to learn more, please get in touch for a chat!

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