At Western Port Secondary College we work with students in many ways to support their pathway with the aim that they continue into further training or to employment with a training component. It is considered critical that young people continue to develop post school skills and qualifications to maximise ongoing employment opportunity.

The College has developed five programs under the banner of sustainable futures. These programs clearly lead to a range of career pathways and have recommended subject combinations that will assist in following that pathway.

The programs are Lifestyle, Culture, Environment, Place and Practice.

Lifestyle: Health and wellbeing

Culture: Community and the arts

Environment: Natural and constructed environment

Place: Peninsula and beyond

Practice: Vocational training pathways and apprenticeship

Middle Years and Beyond

We aim for all students to complete their six years of schooling. The college offers studies in two senior certificates, either VCE or VCAL with additional VET subjects which can be incorporated into either course.

Students can chose from a large range of VCE subject offerings which are under a number of programs. Traditionally VCE students are usually looking to apply for a range of university or TAFE courses. Students are also able to apply to the “Aspire Program” which gives highly motivated students extra help through mentoring and tutoring during their Year 12 year.

VCAL students are required to complete SWL (Structured Workplace Learning) relating to their pathway and complete a range of industry recognised certificates such as Safe Food Handlers and White Card OHS training. They also complete the Scope Young Ambassadors course as part of their community service component of study.

Students are able to complete either senior secondary certificate combined with a School Based Apprenticeship or a School Based Traineeship.  In this scenario students begin an apprenticeship or traineeship with an organisation part time, whilst still completing one of the certificates at school.  This enables them to take up to one year off an apprenticeship or traineeship whilst still achieving a senior secondary qualification.

Gardens designed and landscaped by students

The garden beds, paths, outdoor furniture and sculpture in the Student Hub were all designed and created by students from across the school. The desert garden with the tin can sculpture was designed by a student when she was in Year 7. The triangular garden, seating and paths near the Community Meeting Room and Arts Centre were designed, constructed and planted by a group of Year 9 boys. A group of friends designed and built the mosaic tables and rendered seating near the technology room when they were in Year 7. All of these projects combine to create a welcoming space that is ‘owned’ by students. They have applied their learning and developed new skills in the process and some have gone on to work experience and jobs in related fields.

SAM (Schools Access Monash)

Western Port Secondary College has a proud relationship with Monash University through the SAM Program which has operated for the past five years at the College. The program aims to expose students from Years 8 – 12 to the range of offerings at university through various activities. Monash University also supplies tutors to assist VCE students in various studies. A number of Monash University Scholarships are also available to students through this program.

Courtyard gardens – ‘Out with the old and in with the new’

Channelling Futures and VCAL – The back courtyard

The gardens in the back courtyard .are being renovated and redesigned by VCAL and Chanelling Futures students. Old degraded garden beds have been given a new life. Nooks and crannies have been cleared and replanted with natives and bird attracting plants.