Schools Access Monash

Schools Access Monash is a program of activities delivered together with Western Port Secondary College for Year 8 – 12 students. The aim is to encourage and inform students’ aspirations to higher education and instill the idea that a university education is for them.

The programs and activities are informed by current research into widening participation in higher education. Students have the opportunity to engage in higher education, experience campus life, and make informed decisions for their future.

Activities in this program are tailored to each year level. Some are delivered to full school year levels and some to select students.

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Year 8

We start by introducing and enthusing students with the concept of university.

Year 9

Students are able to explore their interests and link these to further study and career options.

Year 10

Students develop deeper connections with the university through university students and other on-campus opportunities.

Year 11

Students are able to explore course options, develop their VCE study skills, and prepare for personal development.

Year 12

We prepare students academically and personally for their transition into university.

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