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All students at Western Port Secondary College are set Major Tasks (SAC’s) each semester. Generally some of this work will be completed or started in class but will also require some homework component to be done. This timeline can be used as a guide to assist you in planning homework with your child.
If you have any concerns about your child’s progress please contact the Footprints/Group Teacher or Team Leader to discuss.
The College follows a four step process for non completion of a task which is outlined below.

Staged Response to Year 7-12 SAC's

Stage 1

Two (2) major assessment tasks (Yr 7-10) or assessment tasks as prescribed by VCAA in VCE/VCAL studies will be published on a semester timeline. These are “rich tasks” which may also have components completed within class time. * Please note that there will be other homework and/or assessment tasks set during the semester which may include project work, reports, reading and revision etc.

Stage 2

If the SAC task is not submitted by the due date the teacher will have the discretion to extend the submission time by up to three days. (This is not automatically given, especially in the case of a VCE/VCAL task.)

Stage 3

If a student doesn’t submit work as required (including discretionary extension) the teacher notifies relevant Team Leader.
Students are followed up with Footprints/Home Group Teacher/Coordinator to discuss. In extreme circumstances a Principal’s Detention may be delayed. Only Learning Level Leaders or Team Leaders can report students for the “Principal homework” sessions.
Students will be required to attend a “Principal homework” session on Monday afternoon (3-4pm) in library. Families will be notified at least 24 hrs prior if required to attend.
Students are required to come prepared for work in these sessions. There will also be access to ICT if required. These sessions will be supervised by Principal Class where possible.

Stage 4

Consistent breach of guidelines will most likely result in a Parent/Guardian meeting to negotiate a suitable outcome to improve learning outcomes. If a student misses three Principal Homework sessions in a semester there will be automatic follow up with Parent/Guardian to discuss supporting this student in completing tasks. The emphasis is upon building positive partnerships between families and the school.

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