Western Port Secondary College is a full uniform school. Most items of school uniform have a logo to identify it is the correct type as approved by College Council.

Please Download the following documents for more information on what is accepted at WPSC:

Uniform Shop

The supplier of uniform is Beleza, who have a store in Somerville:

Shop 8, 13 Eramosa Rd West, Somerville (near Safeway) (5977-5277).

Beleza also run a shop in Frankston: Shop 3, 129-133 Beach St, Frankston (9783-1088).

Beleza store hours are:

Monday- Friday 10am- 5pm

Saturday 10am- 1pm

To order online please use the link below:


The College Uniform has been designed to achieve a neat and tidy appearance for all students. Experience has shown that the wearing of uniform improves both the general appearance and behaviour of students and contributes markedly to the College tone. It is also shown that uniform is the most economical form of college dress because of its durability.

The wearing of uniform is compulsory and strongly endorsed by the College Council and the staff. Failure to wear uniform is regarded as a serious breach of College rules. All items of clothing are required to be clearly marked with the student’s name.

Jumper: Green woollen jumper labelled with College logo
Pants: Girls: school slacks in dark grey with logo. Boys: dark grey Melange school slacks with logo. No cotton track suits, cords or denim.
Shorts: Dark grey Melange school shorts with logo
Summer Dress / Summer Skirt:  Green check “Cleolene”
Winter Skirt: McKinnon Hunting Tartan
Shirt: Short sleeved polo: white striping on collar and Forest Green in colour with logo
Shoes: Completely Black shoes of any style but no other colours on the shoe
Socks: Plain White/Black socks
Tights: Black (no leggings) worn with Winter skirt and not with socks
Blazer: Optional item
Caps: Plain Forest Green or Grey No other caps/ No Beanies.
Jacket: Official WPSC jacket – No “Hoodies” or non-school uniform jumpers are to be worn underneath the school uniform
Scarf: Plain Forest Green, Black or White

Please note: Non school clothing visible under the school uniform is not acceptable.

Sports Uniform

Black shorts or black/green pleated skirt, white socks and non marking runners and a school sports polo-shirt in black with a green and white strip can be purchased from the uniform shop. Dark track suits may be worn during the winter months. It is preferred that students bring a substantial change of clothes rather than not participate. Students competing in events representing the college are expected to be in full college uniform for the event. Singlets are not acceptable.

It is expected that students will wear the uniform at all times. Breaches of uniform guidelines will receive a consequence.


  • Unsuitable extremes of clothing may be confiscated.
  • Hair colour must be natural.
  • Students must be appropriately dressed for practical activities within the College for both hygienic and safety reasons eg, Laboratory coats in Science, aprons in Technology,  correct clothing for Physical Education etc.

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